Each line in Budgie starts with a function name. If there are arguments, they are preceded by a space-padded colon following the function name, all separated by spaces.

print : "Budgie!"
  • Function: print

  • Argument: "Budgie!"

This will compile to:

  • In C#: System.Console.WriteLine("Budgie!");

  • In Python: print("Budgie!")

Many commands, including print, may take in multiple arguments:

print : "Chirp" "chirp!"
  • Function: print

  • Arguments: "Chirp", "chirp!"


You can keep spaces inside your arguments by wrapping characters in parenthesis. This tells the compiler to treat the space as part of the argument instead of a separator.

print : ("Hello world!")
  • Function: print

  • Argument: "Hello world!"


To pipe the output of one command into another, wrap the inner command with{}brackets.

print : { operation : 1 plus 2 }
  • Function: print

  • Argument:

    • Function: operation

    • Arguments: 1, plus, 2

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